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December 5, 2013

Rants & Raves for Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I agree with the ranter saying a light is needed at Loch Laurel and 376. But why do the drivers coming from Clyattville have to be clowns? Because they're driving 60 mph? I'm pretty sure the speed limit doesn't change to 45 until past the intersection.

Is it legal for a Lake Park police officer to sit in the middle of the road (turn lane) with no lights on or engine running? I thought the officer might be in trouble so turned around to check. What’s going on? Concerned resident.

To the Langdale Place employee: regardless of what you signed, SGMC is subject to federal laws. If you are complaining or reporting a patient or employee safety concern and get fired, file suit for violation of federal whistle blower laws.

You know, I am sick of people trying to make Valdosta like Tallahassee. If their Olive Garden and stores are better then please just move there. Do not try and make Valdosta like it.

I would like to thank the Valdosta Firefighters for their dedication and loyalty to the citizens of Valdosta. My husband is a retired training captain from another Fire Department. As our son grows up he has shown interest in following his dad’s footsteps. So, when his school had the opportunity to go on a fire station tour, we were both excited. The firefighters were very professional and knowledgeable.

To the ranter complaining about being charged for maternity benefits by Obamacare when you're not having a baby: That's every insurance company. The monthly premiums all get collected and distributed at the whim of the individual insurance company. So you're paying for a lot of things you'll never use. But someone else might be paying for something you do use. That's kinda the way it works.

Just got back from the Florida Keys via I-75. What gives with all the mattress companies opening at every town along the entire trip? We stopped counting. OK Rant & Rave gurus, what gives? Don't state the obvious like high profit margins. How about demographics? What say you VSU/GMC/Wiregrass business professors?

I don't want anyone to make a mess of exit 29 more than the next person. But there does need to be lights or something at those intersections. But without making a mess. I don't see how they could, with Union Road, Morven Road and the gas stations all right there.