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July 31, 2013

Raves for Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Saturday afternoon  I had the pleasure of gong to a graduation at the Refuge of Hope in Quitman. I would like to give a shout out to the Squires who are able to have such a wonderful program for young men. I strongly recommend you go see the beauty of this program and details concerning this program. Thanks again.

Hats off to Alyssa at Winn Dixie in Lake Park. One of her co-workers was yelling at her in front of me, a customer, and she was listening to her and saying yes ma'am and still was as sweet to me as she could be. Young children would have yelled back but she took this rudeness with dignity.

Big Rave for Luanne Bryant Smith, the best workers compensation attorney in Valdosta. On behalf of my family and myself, I thank you for your endless loyalty to my case. Your hard work ethics, perseverance, tenacious memory of facts and details makes you a champion in your profession. Without you I would have lost everything. Thanks for calling out big business and caring about my family and their future.

A big rave out to all those who work at Lowndes County Animal Shelter. I adopted a dog a few days ago and everyone was helpful, professional and showed sincere care for the animals. If you're looking for a dog or cat, give shelters a look and maybe a second chance for a pet.

Thanks to the Times for running the article on "Medical Firms to Report Financial Deal With Doctors." Patients should have the right to know if their doctors, hospitals or other healthcare businesses are being paid by certain drug companies or a financial interest in what they prescribe. Payments such as travel, entertainment, etc. is crooked and wrong.

China Garden is back and better than ever! I love that for 25 cents, you can buy fish food as you leave. It's dinner AND a show!

I would like to recognize the eye doctor at Sam's Club. I believe her name is Sasha, but not sure. She is the real eye doctor who is there on certain days. She is super friendly and helpful when I go in. She recognizes me when I am in that area. Thanks for everything!

Hospital employee, having a relative with heart disease and having to visit SGMC frequently, I am grateful for the heart tower and the parking deck! It’s called progress! You should put the needs of patients and families as priority, as your administration obviously has. If the patients were not there, you would have no job!