Valdosta Daily Times

April 24, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Let me begin by saying the county was wrong to limit our choices, and interfere with a local man’s business. That being said, I love Advanced Disposal. Top service for us behind Lowndes Middle School. Best thing is not having to haul my garbage to the site.

It's a pure shame that the residents of Lowndes County have to handle the drainage issues on county right-of-ways. Everybody don’t want something for free; they just want something done and done right.

I disagree with the rant complaining about Advance Disposal’s service. I am very pleased with the guys who service my neighborhood off of Knights Academy. They do not leave a mess, and yes my lids are open also, which tells me they have emptied the container. If I’m outside, they always wave or blow the horn. I didn’t want to see the trash centers closed either, especially for bulky and yard waste, but it is what it is, for now.

Gov. Jeb Bush defended breaking immigration law for a job to feed a family as an “act of love.” If this principle is true, it would be an act of love to rob someone to feed your family or to steal groceries to feed them or lie on a job application. It is a sad day when most first-graders have more wisdom and moral clarity than a presidential hopeful and those he is pandering to.

Thank you, Mayor Gayle, for hitting the nail on the head about lack of funding to repair the Wastewater Treatment Plant. When citizens vote against raising revenue, then the only alternative is to increase water/sewer rates. Mayor Gayle, we appreciate that you care for our city’s elderly and those on fixed incomes who can’t afford a doubling or tripling of their water/sewer bills. SPLOST is funded by out-of-town sales tax, and protects the most financially vulnerable of our citizens.

Some problems did begin in 2009. When the berm was built to supposedly prevent the Waste Water Plant from flooding, it appears to have caused flooding to many residences down stream that haven't flooded in around 75 years. Because the berm still largely exists, it continues to change the flow of the river, endangering property that should not be flooding. Changing the natural flow of a river is or used to be illegal unless I’m sadly mistaken. If I am correct, shame on you for devaluing other people’s land.

We do not need Muslims flying planes in Georgia? Better yet! We do not need Christians making laws in Georgia.