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November 8, 2012

Rant & Raves for Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Now the election is over....All politicians need to do their part and remove all their signs in 48 hours. Or let the county. They should impose a $5 fee for picking them up!

Way to really support your team. Berrien County has the first region win in years and you’re complaining about there being too many coaches? I bet you didn’t realize some of those coaches do not get paid for coaching football and the other personnel are volunteers as well.

Don't look down on those who need help, help them or direct them to an agency that can help. You never know when it might be you needing the help. None of us are above having problems. Some people just have more difficulty overcoming them.

I agree that the radio volume has gotten out of control. And I like my music loud, so for me to say this, it must be bad. Driving around VSU the other evening, behind a red truck/SUV type vehicle and the music was so loud, it hurt my ears and I couldn't hear my own radio. Turn it down!

I agree with the reader regarding parents bringing their children into other neighborhoods to trick or treat. Of the children, half are not even in a costume and don't even bother to say thank you, then they throw their trash on the ground. Please, next year, trick or treat in your own neighborhood!

Way to go, Valdosta. You've voted down SPLOST and with it all hope of ever being a decent community for young professionals. What idiots!

I hope you're happy with the "raise" you gave yourself by voting down SPLOST. The rest of us have to do without community improvements because of you.

To those who voted NO on SPLOST, your public safety workers thank you. No new additional fire stations or EMS stations. We will continue to serve you with pride using radio equipment that may or may not work, so if we get hurt and need help ourselves, oops! I say again, thank you!

I want to praise Mr. Glover at Sallas Mahone for being a wonderful principal and for leading an incredible elementary school! My children love Sallas Mahone and are taught and loved so well there. We are so grateful for such a great school for our children to attend each day! Thank you, Mr. Glover and staff of Sallas Mahone!

Please get these political signs off the streets, off the properties, off the right of ways. I am sick and tired of them.