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March 17, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, March 18, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Laws should be reinforced when dogs are roaming the streets. There is a leash law, yet, I see numerous dogs either dead by the road or will be. It also causes wrecks from us trying to avoid hitting them. Please fine these owners and take their dogs!

Dear Kinderlou neighbor, why should our property manager have to send you a letter asking you to trim your bushes? Take some pride in your home!

Will the owner of the little brown-rust colored dog that hangs at McDonald's and Family Dollar near the overpass, please get it before someone hits it or it is killed? That is a very busy area and it is lucky to have made it so far. If you don't want it, give it to someone that will take care of it since you don't.

In regards to the paper's recent article about Wild Adventures opening back up, it actually didn't start with a love of flowers and trees. HFE may have but not Wild Adventures. It all started with a giraffe named Bongo and a man named Kent who worked very hard.

So SGMC can buy land and build more buildings but can't offer decent wages or retirement? And they wonder why so many employees leave — especially nurses! Wake Up! If you want to keep your people, then treat them well. Basic Business 101.

To the Educator complaining about being asked to take work home. When you went to school all those years you knew teachers (who cared) took work home. If you did not want to do that you should have found another career. And many doctors and Accountants don't take work home but they have to work more than 190 days a year for a full year’s pay.

The Rant re: teachers shouldn't have to take work home because other professionals don't is ridiculous. If you want to be treated as the professional you profess to be, realize you do the work that has to be done. Doctors are on call or working extra hours at clinics, accountants work 16- hour days during tax season and beyond, lawyers frequently work on weekends to catch up. And beyond just getting the work done, most of them have the burdens of paying employees as motivation as well.

I’m sure the readers of this column are sick of hearing about the sewage problem. I sympathize with you but enough is enough. I think we all get the point—old problem needs to be fixed, period.