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October 24, 2012

Rant & Raves for Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — After looking at the ballot, SPLOST VII appears to be a Special Local Option Sales Tax in search of a purpose.

I was at a restaurant where a child started screaming and pitching a fit, when some young people at a nearby table picked up their silverware and started pounding on the table, chanting, “Quiet, quiet, quiet...” People started laughing and applauding, and sure enough, it worked. They left and we all enjoyed our dinner.

It’s your right. It’s a free country. Call the police on the pregnant woman. Afterwards, maybe they tell you to get a life of your own! Nothing worse than a self-righteous do-gooder.

I love the new parking deck at SGMC. Why can’t I find a space on the second level where the main entrance is? The bottom floor has always been empty. Make them folks park down there.

I see medical staff at SGMC wearing “sterile” scrubs, shoe covers, hats, and the like outside! And then they walk right back into the operating room! Sterile? Don’t think so. Probably a law against that.

The incompetence of the Obama administration is the result of a president being elected based on his race rather than his resume.

The vast majority of readers have no idea what the rants about a “bus tour” of a neighborhood are about.

It must be nice for you rich folks to pull your kids out and abandon the middle and lower class kids, then send in rants criticizing the schools you left. Good example.

Please research the ramifications if the charter school amendment passes. The wording on the ballot is meant to mislead voters.

We need better coaching staff for sixth graders at Lowndes Middle School. My son was at every practice, and come game day, only played one or two plays. It’s not about the coaches. It’s about the kids. How are they going to learn if they don’t get to play.

Oh my goodness. Are people really arguing over the band playing during live ball? Get over it. The Bridgemen do it. Coffee did it first during last Friday’s game. The Marchin’ Cats do it. Who cares? Does it really make a difference in your life?

Thank you to whoever picked up my tote bag and placed it on the side mirror of my car at the Walmart parking lot. I had it made from a picture my son drew in school and I didn’t realize I dropped it until I got back to the car.