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October 15, 2012

Rant and Rave for Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — If they would put the gas tank opening back in the back of the vehicle behind the tag there would be no problems with the arrows at gas pumps. And while they are at it put the dimmer switch back on the floor!

Look you can start a charter school by presenting a plan to the local board of education. Of the 315 charter schools in Georgia 94 percent were approved by their local boards. We do NOT need to change the constitution to allow a charter school commission that is redundant and make government bigger!

Before next football season, the Boys & Girls Club needs to make sure that the volunteer coaches know how dangerous it is to jerk a child up quickly after he’s taken a hard hit. I realize some kids lay there for the attention and drama but others are really stunned and need a minute to recover. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I like local control. I like elected members of the community deciding what is best for the kids in our schools. I can call and talk to my board of education members. I can go to their meetings and speak to them publicly. The charter school commission amendment takes the power away from my local board and sends my money and their power to Atlanta.

There sure are a lot of people with negative opinions about public education. I’m willing to bet these same people have not, nor do they plan to, visit or volunteer at a local school. I invite you to spend some time in a classroom with a teacher who fosters a positive learning environment by challenging students academically and encouraging them to mature into young ladies and gentlemen with a bright future. Come visit us at JLN; you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

The Georgia Virtual School already exists. Many families have availed themselves of this free public education for their students for a number of reasons. The amendment should it pass would only take our tax dollars from the successful options for choice that we already have in Georgia and divert that money to state charter schools. Bad for Georgia, bad for millage rates, and bad for education!!

I’m a teacher in the city schools. I hear a lot of comments about our school system and the state of public education in general. I would love to give the general population an HONEST view of the state of public education and communicate exactly what we do on a daily basis to meet the needs of ALL students. I think it would really open some eyes around the community.