Valdosta Daily Times

October 12, 2012

Rant and Raves for Friday, October 12, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Directional arrows, no-left-turn signs, exit/enter signs, angled parking, and deadlines. It is all too typical to see folks ignoring the rules. Those must be for other people.

Had the pleasure of watching a guy dump his ashtray on Park Avenue. Why do people think the world is their trash can?

I agree with police escorts keeping the buses together but if it’s to keep the kids safe, then why isn't every bus escorted?

Regarding the gas tanks and directional arrows at the Sam's Club gas station, you simply either pull up to the left or to the right of the pump depending on which side your tank is. The directional arrows make it easy in, and easy out.

Other Sam's locations have the same rule: one way only. And there are pumps on either side of the aisle to accommodate vehicles with tanks on both sides.

When (if) public education ceases to be an oxymoron, maybe people will start sending their kids back to those so-called schools. The only lessons learned at public schools today are learned helplessness, sports is king, and "I am special." Of all of the tax money wasted in this country, the funding of public schools is among the biggest wastes.

A great number to those poor souls being shuffled from one organization to the other are already depleting resources at every agency possible. There are plenty of people who receive food stamps, Medicaid, rental assistance, daycare assistance, utility assistance, WIC and still manage to go to every clothes closet, food pantry, bill assistance, and every other resource available. There are people in genuine need who can't get these resources available because of those who take advantage.

Children who have learning or behavioral difficulties and those who are chronically ill benefit from being able to school at home (virtual/charter/or otherwise). I would think that public schools would realize that these specific students need more attention than they can give and by working alongside public virtual/charter schools, these students have a better chance at a complete education.

American families have the right in choosing their child’s education path, not the federal government, state government, or local government. Check the law books and you will see that this is 100 percent true. We do not live in a socialist or dictatorship country…yet.