Valdosta Daily Times

June 17, 2014

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — One of my favorite sayings from Army days was, “pole vaulting over mouse (droppings).” Which defined those making a big deal out of nothing. But recently I heard a better quote that describes what happens when everyone is doing the pole vaulting. “The grievance culture of the chronically unhappy has become like a rat that won’t stop gnawing.” Turn off the Internet, and some nut-case negative TV shows, look around, this is America and it’s pretty good! Go volunteer, change some of the things you keep complaining about!

I’m sorry but last time I checked VSU and VHS shared Bazemore-Hyder Stadium. Sure VHS is the “winningest high school football program” but what significant things have they done in recent years? They haven’t won a state championship since 1998. VSU has won three national championships in the past 10 years. That program should not be backseat to anyone. I honestly applaud VCS for finally making it a field that both teams can share and be proud of by changing the logo.

If this community and its leaders want to show support and solidarity with Moody Air Force Base, they need to agree to improve the area surrounding it. Driving past the front entrance on Bemiss for the first time in ages, I noticed the blight that area has become. As it stands now it looks like a mile of inner city death and decay — not the entrance to a prestigious U.S. military instillation. The empty and derelict buildings should be removed ...

Oh Lord, now comes the revelation that our liberal ranters are plagiarizing Twitter for their rants and here I am, dunce that I am, busting my tail to write original material.

After we kill people with drones, we then wait for the funeral and then kill the mourners, too. We’re killing Muslims the same way we killed Indians. Thank you, Mr. President, for keeping up our glorious traditions.

Suggestion to the City of Valdosta government. Before you send your road repair crews out again please send them to “pot hole repair university.” My grandson could have done better repairs on Eager Road. Come on, Valdosta, act like Winnersville and do the job right.

Will the city please put a green arrow at the intersection of Baytree Road and North Oak Street to tell traffic going east on Baytree when to make the right turn. Right now there is a box that tells students when to walk across but you can’t see it from your car because it’s not turned enough toward cars on Baytree to see. This will help tremendously and may save a life. Thank you, city.