Valdosta Daily Times

June 2, 2014

Rant & Rave for Monday, June 2, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — The continual bickering about cutting grass is rather childish. Whether you own your home or are a renter, you should care enough not to let the grass and weeds grow so high. It basically comes down to being considerate of others. The city has an ordinance for the height of your grass. If the city fines you, maybe you will find time to mow your grass!

Employers, do yourselves a favor and have every computer in your office/business blocked from Facebook. Your employees are spending way too much time reading posts when they should be doing their work! That’s costing you lots of money each week and the consumer shouldn’t have to pay higher prices to make up for that!

We pay to have our trash hauled off and now our taxes go up $150. Will somebody please elect somebody who will cut taxes instead of raising taxes?

Although I agree mostly with what Leonard Pitts said in regards to veterans, I do more than just thank them when I am in a restaurant, I pay for their meal when I can. I can’t make the government help them. It is not the people thanking them in the airport he should be mad with. It should be the President and previous Presidents who refuse to put legislation in to help our veterans and not blame American citizens who thank them when they come through the airports.

To the ranter complaining about the trash dumped on Jaycee Shack Road, why don’t you go to the city and protest their communist pro agenda not to allow private trash collectors to have a business?

The railroad crossings around town, specifically the ones around Industrial Boulevard, and the one near Mr. Car Wash, are in need of repair. I reported the one on Industrial Boulevard weeks ago and it’s still not safely repaired. This is a safety hazard and causes damage to vehicles.  

A big rave to Matthew Woody for his marvelous coverage of the 347th  Change of Command. That was very thoroughly written and well done! Thank you!