Valdosta Daily Times

May 28, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — To the person that ranted about a new neighbor’s yard and planters. Did you take time to welcome your new neighbor? Did you ask if they needed help maintaining their yard while they were settling in? Did you find out if they have a lawn mower? I guess not! The flowers will grow over the tires and hide them. Did you think of that? I guess not. Do you remember “Do unto others”? I guess you don’t!

I love a TV in a doctor’s office or any office I have to wait. It helps time pass and others to focus maybe on it, not getting into your business. I would like to rant though of the staff in doctors offices and hospitals talking so loud so everyone can hear your health problems or why you are there.

Thank you to the nice young man who paid for mine and my daughter’s order at Chick-fil-A (Inner Perimeter Road). This was after we had spent 10 long hours in ER at South Georgia Medical Center. We were exhausted and hungry and had stopped by almost at closing time!

Blissful ignorance seems to be a requirement for “global warmers,” liberals, and the Democratic Party. Yes, I do watch Fox!

Hurrah for the NRA who so aptly arm America’s mentally unstable sick folks with lethal semi-automatic weapons thus allowing them to inflict carnage and mayhem at will. Wait, hang on, yes, it’s not guns that do the damage, I keep forgetting, guns are no more dangerous than wet mops or fence posts.

Monday’s Fox News follower admitted to something astute people already knew; Fox is a wing of the Republican Party whose mission is to criticize kooky Democrats and other despicable liberals. Far and balanced ... ha!

Fundamental Christian types are again trying to define the levels of faith upon which someone is acceptable to God. Can you “see” someone’s heart and judge their motives and eternal relationship with God? This is self-serving (selfish) and shows a judgmental spirit. What was the level of faith of the dying thief on the cross?

Huge forest fire in Alaska! Fires in Southern California, earliest hurricane in the Pacific. I am glad that the theory of global warming and subsequent climate change is the invention of weak-minded liberals, languid scientists, and torpid environmental activists who hate America.

Over 600 graduates and one-third of them are honor graduates?! That’s not impressive, that’s a joke! Sounds like the standards need to be raised.