Valdosta Daily Times

May 26, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, May 27, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — To the person complaining about the "fearless leader" not going to Oklahoma yet: Have you been yet or have you even sent in any contribution toward them yet? I bet not.

Although the honor’s program at Hahira Elementary was wonderful, families who had to park in the grass that hadn't been cut in weeks had to walk through weeds and tall wet grass to get to the building for the program. Very irritating, especially for the elderly. If I am paying taxes I expect the grounds to be kept up with at my child’s school.

To the elderly couple from Morven soliciting a ride from Winn Dixie, claiming your son got in a car accident after driving you to Valdosta, and was in the hospital. All you needed was a bite to eat, a little money as your electric had been turned off, and a ride back to Morven. As a Christian, I helped, and even drove you back to Morven. But then I overheard you pulling the same scam on another unsuspecting person yesterday, at Winn Dixie. Shame on you, as God sees all. Shoppers beware!

Doesn't Mr. Bowman realize that by scheduling the Hawaii trip on Memorial Day, he is messing with graduation plans?

Thirty-plus years ago I was in band, had a widowed parent, and if I didn't earn the money to go on a trip, I didn't go. My mother did not whine or complain and I never missed a trip. Thanks to all who bought the pecan cluster candy. I still recall the Washington, D.C., trip with great fondness.

Do you really believe that politicians vote the way their constituents want them to? They'll say anything to get into office and then vote on topics which ever way they can profit from the most. That's why background checks got shot down despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of U.S. people wanted them legislated.

To the coach who got kicked out of the coach pitch game at Vallotton Park Thursday, and the umpire who threw him out: Shame on both of you. Neither of you acted like men. Our children need to have better examples set for them. Please think long and hard before allowing either of these men to return!

How in the world do we as Christians expect our President and government to be truthful when leaders of our churches get up in front of  a congregation and make untrue decisions and underhanded ones? May God have mercy on our churches.