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December 23, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

--- — Congratulations to Cathy who sells appliances at Lowe’s on her 10-year anniversary working there.

Thanks to Cedric at Harvey’s on Bemiss Road for turning in my purse to management. I left it in a buggy. Thank you very much. I tried to give him a reward for it but he refused to take it. There are still good people. I had my bill money and everything else in there. God bless you, Cedric.

Colson Printing did it again. They gave the public a beautiful calendar. Thanks again to Wendy and staff.

My husband and I moved here from Jacksonville where there is a Publix on every street corner, and the one on Gornto is still the best. Special thanks to Santiago in the Deli, Rodney in the meat department, and Dylan who works up front.

I  just moved to Valdosta, Ga. I am with Moody Air Force Base. I was having trouble with my new car and someone told me to go see Jim Norton at Ray Norton Auto Center. He researched my car and said there was a recall and warranty on my car. Now that is customer service and one honest person. God will always take care of this business. Thank you, Jim. A car passed everyone speeding on Perimeter in a 45 zone and a cop going the other way ignored it. I see this all the time. I guess he was going after his meal.

That guy from “Duck Dynasty” had every right to say what he said and A&E has every right to fire him if they don’t like what he said.

Georgia Power appreciates you blaming their rate hike on the President. They’ve raised rates every year for years. Were those Obama’s fault, too?

I do not see charter schools versus teachers. Both sides are battling the same thing. If the class size is 10 or 50, four disruptive students taking 15 minutes of each class hour to deal with, takes 50 days out of each 200-day school year. Those four disruptive students rob the other students of a quarter of their learning time, and exhaust teachers. Teachers and charter schools both want to ditch those four students. Unfortunately, teachers can’t.

AIDS once killed Americans daily. Today it is relegated to an epidemic only affecting poor countries. How quickly we conveniently forget.