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December 22, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, Dec. 23, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

--- — Who should I blame besides the city of Hahira for canceling the parade? I didn't cancel it. I had a problem with them pulling the plug days beforehand, knowing how a forecast in South Georgia can change in just a few hours time. And I don't know where you live, but I live very near the parade route and it was not raining at festival or parade time. One other thing, I raise my children very well and don't need you to tell me when I can have the 3 of them outside.

States have different rules regarding notification of lottery winners. In Georgia, if you accept the winnings, your name is announced.

To the person who took the lights off our bushes in front of our yard, I hope you have a merry Christmas and I hope God will continue to bless you as you go along in your life. Thanks for helping us not to enjoy our holiday because you took our lights after we took the time to put them up. You have a happy holiday.

I know this has been discussed before. Where are some good Christmas lights to view in and around Valdosta? Thanks!

This rant is for those living in Lake Park traveling 41 South to Valdosta every morning. You really don’t think you can drive 75 miles per hour and not expect to slow down for oncoming traffic do you? Your impatient driving could cause a wreck or you to be cussed out or flipped off. If you are in that big of a rush, you should leave earlier.

Ever notice that the same people that want to legalize things that are illegal under our Constitution are basically the same that want to make illegal certain rights that are legal? Takes thought; perhaps that fact alone will disqualify this from being printed.