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November 7, 2013

Rants & Raves for Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Great time to be in the health insurance business! Canceling health policies of sick people, and raising rates! Nothing new there, except now they get to blame it all on "Obamacare.”

It's funny to see someone defend Fox News. Apparently most people are unaware that Fox won a lawsuit against them by defending themselves as an entertainment source and as such they can say whatever they want. Yup; go figure.

My, my. Driving hostility abounds in Valdosta, doesn't it! If you are being tailgated it is probably because you pulled out and broke the flow of traffic. If you don't want to be followed closely, move on and get out of the way. Angry braking only causes damage to two vehicles, one of which is yours.

Trust me, I realize times are hard. But, would it kill you or take food out of your mouth to buy a few bags of candy for Halloween? We live in Old Wood Valley and love for the kids to come. We talk with them, laugh and have fun. But we were one of only three houses on our street that gave out candy. By the way, a few bags of candy might cost $25. That’s about $2 per month over the course of a year if you plan ahead. It’s sad.

Just a suggestion: When you have witnessed a car accident, please take a moment to give your testimony or leave your name and number to the police (if you are in a hurry). This can truly help out when both parties claim no-fault.

I just ran across the minutes from a City Council meeting in 2010 where they voted to do a design study involving a new traffic light at Connell Road and Bemiss. Three years later, there is still no light or even a mention of one. How long does it take to install a traffic light? I guess if it takes 20 years to design and build a railroad overpass, three years isn't so bad.

More beggars are arriving for the winter. They thank us by tossing their trash on the street. Down the road from a Walmart begging hotspot is a trashy camp on top of the zoning berm on the west side of Brookfield Road. Cops said they would get it cleaned months ago. Never happened. Bum population growing. Trash growing.

So, if you don't love, respect, and honor Faux Newz one automatically becomes a “liberal.” What kind of backwards mentality in this? I am not a "liberal" and I find Faux Newz to be nothing but a mindless mouthpiece of muddled misinformation and misdirection.