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October 31, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, Nov. 1, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I am undecided on SPLOST. Recently received a card in the mail from the Valdosta Tea Party asking me to vote no. As I started reading their points to vote no, I noticed some things that did not make sense. May I suggest that you review your math. If MOST raises $55M over three years, and SPLOST $150M over six years, how can you say you are saving $95M? One is a 6-year and one a 3-year tax.

Why not try to get a Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant at 5 Points? A healthy buffet would be a welcome change.

The Williams Street sidewalk is wide because it's really an extension of the Azalea Trail. The road is narrower, but walkers and bicyclists are safer!

Don't pull out in front of me and then get angry when I almost hit you.

Something to think about. To the people with the bright white or blue headlights, you can see much better but the people that are meeting you can't see anything!

Property owners, do we have any guarantee that if we  vote for SPLOST our taxes will not go up? Absolutely not!  They still  can be increased and we will be stuck with double taxation.  

We have a beautiful city hall building except for the bright white fence and trim on the north side. Please paint it to match the  beautiful building.

If you like what the city has done to Williams Street then hold on — you’re going to get a whole lot more of the same after SPLOST VII passes.

People here in Lowndes County (and Valdosta) apparently want to pay more taxes since they vote in large numbers for these SPLOST taxes. That being the case - SPLOST VII should be not a penny tax but 5 pennies tax. We could really build a first class Waste Water Treatment Plant with all the money non-residents would pay.

I have decided to be a Democrat on Halloween. When kids come to my house to trick or treat, I'm going to take half of their candy and give it to kids that were too lazy to get out and trick or treat.

Sell the VHS stadium? VSU could not afford to pay half the cost of renovation so how could they buy the stadium. No state money may be used to pay for athletic facilities.

This past summer the Lowndes County was ordered by the Department of Labor to back pay its employees who have been forced to work off the clock. Some LCSO deputies have gotten their checks, when are other departments like 911 going to receive theirs?