Valdosta Daily Times

October 27, 2013

Rant and Rave for Monday, Oct. 28, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Living on Williams Street has been a mess these past couple of months. On top of the fact that the city workers continue to block my driveway with their vehicles and inconvenience my ability to go home for lunch, they have damaged my yard, landscaping and flagged sprinkler system at what seems to be my expense. Completely unacceptable! Also, I sure do hope that they remove the extreme slant in the road prior to paving. It’s not exciting to see the rainwater now flooding into my yard!

We have had our health insurance for the last six years. Each year, our monthly premium has increased 8 to 12 percent but no more. This coming January, our rate will increase 72 percent. You say, “Thank your insurance company and not Obamacare.” I say my most heartfelt thank you to both along with the millions of uninsured entitled Americans who will now pay little to nothing for better coverage than I ever received!

The truth is that your current health insurance, private or not, will either cancel your plan or raise the price to force you into the exchange. The point is to get everyone into a single-payer system. It is too late to do anything about it now. You can always get in line for disability, cell phone and EBT, etc.

Searched the Lowndes County Commissioners website for a list of the SPLOST county projects if SPLOST is voted back in. Could not find any information. SPLOST must not be as important for the county residents as it is for the city residents.

The county treats the city as a step-child, constantly bickering over the division of SPLOST and LOST funds. The county knows full well the city’s needs but yet refuses to share these funds. County Commission, “have you no shame?”

People of Lowndes County, would you please slow down when you’re entering a work area. We want to go home at the end of the day just like you. It only takes one lapse of concentration to hit somebody and kill them. Once again, quit driving like you’re in a NASCAR race!

Had Lowndes County government leadership embraced a health wellness program for its work force 11 years ago, when it had a golden opportunity, it would have prevented millions of dollars in health-care costs to its health insurance program. This neglect was very costly. Regrettably, the individual responsible for not implementing a wellness program is not being held accountable.