Valdosta Daily Times

October 18, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, October 18, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I completely agree with the commenter about the Fresh Market as opposed to another restaurant. And yes, something great does need to flourish at the Five Points location.

You absolutely have the right to have medical insurance but I also have the right to say that I will not pay for your subsidized medical insurance by way of further government spending.

Just vote for SPLOST this year so it can be done and over with. Too much time and energy are being spent on this one issue. There are many other matters to talk about other than SPLOST. I'm voting yes for it, how about you? I know my tax dollars will be wisely spent so that I can be proud to say that I live in Valdosta!

Not a Tea-Partier, but yes, you can afford health insurance now, because I'm helping to pay for yours.

Rant to our local DVM office. Do you really think it is excusable that you gave my passport back to the wrong person, allowed them to walk out the door and get to their car with it, and yet I am supposed to remain calm? Very unprofessional of your staff to act as if it was not a major mistake on your part.

Thank you, President Obama for your "Affordable" Health Care Act! My insurance premium increased $89 in July and I just received notice that it is going up another $60. Thanks to you, I will be paying more for my insurance than my mortgage each month. This is not a family plan, this is for one individual and it has a high deductible. This wonderful program is good enough for my family but not good enough for your family or the families of the Washington politicians.  

Let’s make this crystal clear — it's the Democrats’ job to initiate new taxes and increase existing taxes. And it's the Republicans’ job to vigorously oppose new taxes and fight tooth and nail to abolish existing taxes. It's good government at work!

Just because your land borders someone else's, that doesn’t mean you can have free access to it. Ask before you ride your horses or four-wheelers all over it.

The bushes are still too high on the west side of Penney’s at the mall. Please cut them down so we can see over them for oncoming cars before the holiday season or someone will get killed!  

Please don't put on your makeup and drive. As I drive behind you while you powder your cheeks and swerve all over the road, I think how your untimeliness could cost a person their life.