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October 6, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, Oct. 7, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — For those that complain about people getting food stamps, and other entitlements but wanted Obama Care, how do you feel now since you will be paying for their insurance and thousand others that will qualify now?

To the administration at Lowndes High School: I do not appreciate the unsolicited email invitations to religious gatherings that you support and find "refreshing." Please leave my inbox for official school business only.

Could anyone in the City of Valdosta please explain to me why they are wasting taxpayers’ money by putting a 10-foot sidewalk on Williams Street? It looks awful, and takes away from the historic look. Now you can barely drive down the street. Someone must have a relative in the concrete business.

I was contacted by my elderly mother who trusted a local young man driving a yellow Nissan Xterra that said he was a welder. She failed to get this young man's name and number when she gave him her green metal lounge chair that needed welding. He said he would have it back to her in two days, it's been two months and she hasn't seen him again. Folks, keep on the lookout for this man.

Most intelligent people support the Tea Party? Your own comments completely invalidated that statement.

Valdosta has too many people that have nothing else better to do than complain.

We have had a SPLOST of some type for some 20 years. We have also had a water treatment facility problem for a number of years. I've had enough of this mismanagement of my tax money. Propose a SPLOST for water treatment ONLY and I'll vote for it. Let it stand on its own and don't include other projects with it.

SPLOST creates bigger government, that's the big secret. If you use the SPLOST money for capital expenditures like buildings, vehicles, etc., then you have to use additional, non-SPLOST dollars to maintain whatever it is that was funded with SPLOST. Basically, SPLOST pays for bigger and better things, while other taxes go up to maintain them.  

Does Sen. Ted Cruz not understand that “Green Eggs and Ham” is about a person who is definitely against something before trying it? And then once he tries it, he likes it.

If the whiners on here contributed as much as they whined about everything, this county would be number one in the state.