Valdosta Daily Times

September 30, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Shame on those dumping trash at the edge of the woods in Blackburn Park in Clyattville. Animals are tearing into the trash and it’s making its way into the pond. I hope someone catches you and you get fined!

Law enforcement, you can collect big bucks if you will catch these speeders. Bemiss Road, Madison Highway, and North Valdosta Road are like speedways. Someone will be killed by these idiots. Please stop them.

That gas pipeline seems like a very bad idea. The gas comes mainly from Pennsylvania and Ohio, so why pipe it to Orlando and not the most direct port New Jersey or Delaware? Natural gas may burn cleaner than coal but leaking gas is extremely combustible and therefore dangerous.

New road paving or resurfacing has not been paid with property taxes in decades, if ever. There was federal revenue sharing but it went away. That is why SPLOST was created through state legislation to provide the needed capital improvement funds. There are DOT funds but they have dwindled and always require local match of funds when they are available. So if the new SPLOST does not pass, don’t expect any road construction after all current SPLOST funds are gone.

First, it was Blame Bush. Now, it’s the Tea Party and NRA. Why don’t we blame the two parties that have controlled D.C. for all this time, and yes, you may have to step off the Democrat plantation and blame them, too.

To city and county government officials: If you want us to vote yes to SPLOST, you need to be transparent in your project listing. Don’t talk in general terms, stop fighting against the taxpaying public, and start doing what you need to do to answer the public’s questions and concerns. Until you do that, I vote no!

Moody AFB library will not be the same, without Mrs. Debbie! She is a treasure that cannot be replaced. Her dedication to providing quality materials for our family to enjoy was such a blessing. It was always evident that she loved to serve our military families, both active and retired, in the personal way she treated everyone.

A traffic light is needed very much at Perimeter/Howell Road intersection. Two elementary schools right there and buses taking chances with our kids. Please put one there! All the other intersections have one but this one. I guess the kids’ lives are not important as long as they are not your family.