Valdosta Daily Times

September 19, 2013

Rants & Raves for Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — To the owner(s) of the seven-plus dogs in Druid Oaks Subdivision: no one can walk, ride bikes, or enjoy that neighborhood because of you. Isn’t having that many pets in violation of city code? City marshals, please do something about this.

There are two lanes turning left at the corner of Baytree and Gornto. That means you stay in your lane while turning left and I stay in mine. That does not mean you veer into my lane while you are turning and cut me off or almost hit me.

Good luck with finding the SPLOST money earmarked for the Remerton Mill nor what it has been spent on. That is why people are not going to vote for the SPLOST funds again. You just can’t trust the officials to do what they tell you they are going  to do.

I hope the Lowndes Co. School Board  does not  think we teachers are stupid enough to let this rest. We want to know why there were over $100,000 in raises given to four office people while the rest of us have had no raises, pay cut and furlough days. We want an answer to this.

Working in construction is a hot and tiring job, and if you work for yourself, it's a lot of hours. Please be considerate and not call for estimates or advice after hours, and especially not on the weekends. To do a good job, people need their rest. You wouldn't appreciate them calling you about your job, on your off hours.

First, to the local pharmacies that have cheap three-month prescriptions on popular drugs: thanks! The SGMC employee pharmacy charges more on a one month co-pay than a three month cash prescription on many of the same drugs at other stores. Now SGMC is forcing insured employees to use their overpriced facilities. Have your doctor write a three-month and take it to Harvey's or Walmart or other pharmacy after checking their list of inexpensive prescriptions.

What kind of sorry person steals a cat from a non-profit pet adoption event? That's right, this past Saturday exactly that happened at PetSmart when BARC was there. If you are willing to steal a pet then you aren't fit to have it. Please return it.

The VDT article states, 'At more than $55 million, the largest single project included on the SPLOST ballot is the city’s wastewater treatment plant relocation.’ Living in the county I will vote ‘No’ on SPLOST. Let the city leaders deal with their own past failures without me having to pay.