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April 10, 2013

Raves for Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — For computer printer cartridges, etc... there's no better place than Southern Printer Cartridge on Baytree Road in Valdosta. Their great prices and customer service always bring me back. Great local business!

Hats of to Ret. B.Gen. USAF  Troy Tolbert. He consistently has wonderful editorials in the paper.  The one to Floyd Rose is simply outstanding. Thank you, Mr. Tolbert. Keep up the good work.

I am so glad we are finally getting a Dollar General in Naylor. Now that is progress.

A big rave to Stephanie at Winn Dixie in the pharmacy  on the Madison Highway. She has been so nice to my family and  to everybody she comes in contact with. She is truly a  pharmacy technician professional. My hats off to her.

Thank you to the VDT for such a very nice article on the VHS Wildcats! I for one am an avid Wildcat fan, regardless. Valdosta is so blessed to have such a team that has and always will be the team every other team tries to be competitive with.

What was remarkable about the T.C. Williams high school story was the hiring of a black head football coach during the turbulent times of integration. A milestone yet to be realized in Valdosta 42 years later.

Thanks Valdosta Times for the listing of local thrift stores in last Sunday's paper. A friend and I made a day of it and found the most delightful folks operating these small businesses and some inexpensive and very cute “treasures.” A special thanks to Ronda and Ray at Nufound Treasures on Northside Drive. Very good prices and some neat stuff! What a fun way to support our local folks!

Trisha, the young girl that wears glasses, works at Fazoli's off Exit 18 Valdosta is one of the most professional customer service workers that I have ever come in contact with. In my 35 years in the Customer Service field, Trisha truly knows how to serve her customers to make sure they return. Excellent job, Trisha.

I commend the Times for doing what very few media outlets are doing these days... searching for the truth. Without responsible investigative reporting, the public is either left to devise conspiracy theories or simply believing the lies they are told. On a national level, I believe the media is complicit in covering the truth. This is journalistic treason. The public deserves the truth. Whether they can handle it or not is a different matter.