Valdosta Daily Times

December 12, 2012

Rant & Raves for Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Raves to VHS’s social studies dept. for encouraging their students to go see “Lincoln” this weekend, by offering them extra credit. Thank you teachers for taking time out of your weekend to “take attendance” in the lobby. Great, worthwhile movie.

Congrats to the VSU blazers for the great win this past Saturday in the cold at Minnesota. You are great ambassadors for Winnersville, you play the game the right way and never quit. One more win to cap off your TRULY GREAT YEAR!


Businesses leaving Lake Park? Consider coming to the North end of the County, in particular the City of Hahira. It is a nice community, and we have plenty of space for businesses; come and be part of "Hive".

The Nativity put on by A Time to Dance Performing Arts Studio was an amazing show! Many talented dancers and a wonderful director.

I agree we should shop locally. There are many different items and some are handmade by artists;  but we need to have better hours and even Saturday hours to shop there.

To the person who lives in the county crying because your pigs were shot: Here is an idea, keep your animals in your yard. Nobody wants pigs, wild or not, roaming in their yard or down the street where children play. Take some responsibility.

Why is it when I drive around this town, there are always fire hydrants spewing water for days on end?

A huge RAVE to the Berrien High School Symphonic Ensemble winter concert Thursday night. Conductor Mr. Chris Harper continues to challenge and grow his musicians and they continue to meet his challenge. It was an evening many will never forget.

Many teachers are frustrated because they cannot teach their students what they need to know in order to get a higher education and better jobs. This doesn't make them bad teachers. They are frustrated by politicos dictating what they need to teach. Sounds like you are comfortable spouting the party line, and simply “teaching to the test.” Maybe it's you that should find another profession?

To the ranters complaining about it taking a long time for EMS to get to them. You can thank your fellow residents of Lowndes County and the surrounding areas who tie EMS up with non-emergencies for that.