Valdosta Daily Times

December 11, 2012

Rant & Raves for Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — To the little red car with a FL license, who cut me off on Bemiss the other night — I hope you were rushing to an emergency because you could have easily caused me to wreck with my young child in the car. No excuse for crazy driving.

Isn't it interesting, that those who were so opposed to government help for the needy, are the first in line for storm aid? When the shoe is on the other foot, things look very different.

I would appreciate the traffic division to come check out the intersection of Hwy. 133 and the new James Road in the mornings! Traffic is horrendous at that intersection and it is virtually impossible to make a left turn to go towards the prison/Val Tech, much less getting into the traffic making a right from James Road!

To the newspaper thief on Lake View Drive, I saw you steal my paper and I know who  you are and if it happens again I will report it to the police. Shame on you neighbor.

To the person ranting and raving about paying  tithes, please leave it alone. If you are a pastor, all you have to do is preach the word and let God deal with them. Just leave it in God’s hand.

I don't know if the right people will see this or not, but I just want to tell the people that drive the church van around Nashville on Saturday giving out sack lunches to the children, that you come by way too fast and they never hear you until you've gotten way too far for them to stop you. If you can't at least slow down, then find another driver or stop coming by.

The mail truck that drives on Forrest Street needs to be more careful with their stopping and pulling out. They drive too fast even on Hill Ave.

I see the City has joined the War on Christmas with its politically correct “Seasons Greeting” sign at Five Points. Too bad. I thought we lived in the Deep South, the Bible belt?

Valdosta should be known as “The Traffic Light City” instead of the Azalea City. You could take out half the lights in this town and traffic flow would improve.

Hospitality is not an exclusive property of the south. It can be found in any region. Some will show it, some will not. Personally, since moving here, I have been shown more hospitality by transplants from other places than by the southern natives.

I would enjoy the Christmas lights near Madison, too, if I knew the directions. Could someone please give directions?