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November 29, 2012

Rant & Raves for Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Winnersville — Let’s show how much we appreciate the Blazers consistently bringing national recognition to our community. Fill the stadium on Saturday at 12 p.m. for the quarterfinal game of the NCAA national championship. Go Blazers!

Actually as anyone who has taken a defensive driving class can tell you, if you cannot leave the intersection safely before the light changes you should not enter it.

I make 60,000 a year, pay for my own health insurance, work for a business that has been in an upswing over the past four years, and voted for Obama. When will people realize that there are views that may differ from their own. Just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t make them wrong; just makes you look silly.

While the food bank intends to help the ones in need, it’s more often than not helping those who want something for nothing. It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving for scavengers to take freebies. Also, the food banks put churches in charge of handing out food to the ones who they want to receive it. Yes , I said “want,” cause if you’re not a member or someone they may not like, you will receive little to no food. The food bank should be the one in charge.

I almost got a ticket once from waiting in the intersection for traffic to pass on a green light. I was told by the policeman, it was illegal.

Fans of Brooks County would like to give thanks for the reporting of the Trojans football team by Christian Malone. He is fair and gave them the praise they deserve. Thanks Christian. You are number one! We appreciate you!

Now the Democrats are blaming NOAA (the weather channel) because of the flooding with Sandy and the people’s lack of preparedness! Have they never heard of “flood insurance”? Probably not. It’s a government program they have to pay for. And here all along I thought it was Bush’s fault.

Want better traffic flow in Valdosta? Install left  turn signals in some key intersections such as Inner Perimeter and Country Club. Intersections like this one have left turn lanes, but no turn signals. Can we not afford a few left turn signals?

To the young man at Cracker Barrel the other day who held the door for not only his family, but the two families afterward, thank you. It is nice to see good character once in a while. You even had a pleasant smile.