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April 8, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Those who claim to be socially liberal have few problems complaining about overweight individuals, smokers, Christians, or gun owners. Yet, they scream and complain when the ones they criticize voice opposition against the lifestyles of lesbians, gays, and transgenders.

Did the speaker at the inaugural event have to make a derogatory comment about people in the Deep South not being able to appreciate his quote by Abraham Lincoln?! I am surprised that a guest on our campus would display such blatant regionalism.

The current SPLOST is still in effect. The vote was to extend after the current SPLOST ends.

Thought the Chamber was smarter than this. Maybe they forgot that one of their board lives on sewage central ... choosing the wrong side seems to be their legacy.

The Central Savannah River Area Voted in the T-SPLOST; however, tax revenues are 20 percent below projected by the Department of Transportation. DOT says projects in the third period will not have funding. Lowndes County and the whole Southern Region “dodged the bullet” on T-SPLOST. Lowndes County was projected by the DOT to receive 74 percent of their projects in the third period or years 8, 9, and 10. The sad part is over half our tax revenues collected would have gone to other counties it would have been a long seven years funding other counties while waiting on our three-year whirlwind. The citizens saved us from our chamber, mayor and our state-elected representatives all of who wanted T-SPLOST.

People with dogs that bark 24/7 need to keep those dogs inside so your neighbors don’t have to hear it. We can’t even open our doors for the annoyance of a dog/dogs barking. About ready to file a nuisance report.

As usual, just follow the money and you’ll find the corruption and the problems in the sewage mess.  ... What about annual audits? Where is the money going except in high salaries, benefits, bonuses, and pensions? Watch them like hawks! To them, it’s like oh so confusing: check their payroll.

My mother absolutely loved the Withlacoochee River she lived on and is rolling over in her grave at the city dumping 45 million gallons of sewage into its waters. Thank God, she’s not here to see this.  I think the State of Georgia should come down hard on the slack officials that let this happen. Consent order, heck! Pink slip, yes!