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November 15, 2012

Rant & Raves for Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I'd like to thank everyone I encounter that takes the time to smile and be pleasant as much as they can. We're all stressed, rushed and pushed to our limits at times. Common courtesy, manners, and thoughtfulness are amazing and probably won't cost you much!

Some who are decorating early in their neighborhoods etc., may be entertaining family who are only allowed home a certain time of the year. Like military leave, or students on certain budgets who need to be away from their families during the December/January regular observed holidays. I am grateful everyday, so Thanksgiving and Christmas are important in many ways. Bless your heart!

Dr. Tiffany Kumpel is a great psychiatrist and she can do family medicine too. She and her staff have treated me with more attention than any other doctor I've been to.

To the person who said they hope taxes won't be raised now that SPLOST hasn't passed — good luck! Just cutting corners won't be enough to get what we need.

I would like to thank the new garbage collection company that I am being "made" to use, for crushing my personal trash can with the claw and then telling me it was done as a courtesy. When did Lowndes County become a police state where I was told what private company I "have" to give my business to?

I appreciate the job the SGMC paramedics do and when they are on a call I give them as much room as possible. However I do have a problem with them driving right up behind a vehicle and turning the sirens and lights on. This has happened twice in the last two days. They are going to cause an accident doing that or cause an older person to have a heart attack. If they are on a call they need to run the sirens all the time so people have time to get out of the way!

Can we please get Whitewater Road repaved instead of patched. The holes are reopening again for the third or fourth time.

It would be good to hear exactly what the Industrial Authority and Chamber of Commerce have done this year to bring new industry into our area? Taxpayers need a full accounting/report from them.

Can we please fix the timing on the light at Webster and Ashley Street?

Thank you Dean Poling for such a well written and thought provoking article on Sunday “Finding the Lincoln each generation needs”. I love it.