Valdosta Daily Times

March 26, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I'd like to rave about Speedy Hot Dogs.... in front of Home Depot. By far, the best hot dogs in town! Great sweet tea and prices, too.

To the woman in the white car in the school pickup line: put out the cigarette. No one wants to smell it and I know my unborn child, along with the other five women I know that are also pregnant in the pickup line surely don't want to smell it.

Add $100 to rent for lawn care?! Where can I sign up to be the one who mows the yards? If my landlord told me $100 goes to lawn care, I'd flip out.

Three cheers to the "armed" homeowner who was able to defend his home and property. Sure, the VPD came and did their job beautifully but these creeps would have gotten away if the owner hadn't had the means to capture and hold one of them. We will never outgrow the need for our Second Amendment rights!

Valdosta and Lowndes County will solve the myriad of issues by hiring competent people from outside the "good old boy" network. Face it, folks here are not as sharp as people from outside the area (Albany doesn't count). Too many connections and vested interests, not as honest as they need to be.

Bravo to Dean Poling's article regarding LHS Off Broadway’s performance of "Shrek The Musical"! It is a shame that such a talented and thriving drama department is being held back by limited space and funding from Lowndes County Schools. How that big dragon puppet maneuvered around on that tiny stage is beyond me. Imagine what these kids could do in an actual performing arts center like many other schools have. It's time we promote and support the arts like we do sports.

The biggest problem these days is the vast hypocrisy of those with more than average means. You rail against welfare, yet cling tightly to your pension, insurance, vets benefits, unemployment, etc. How is it possible, that the so-called, world's greatest nation, does not provide the basic healthcare for its citizens? Funny how massive amounts of money can flow in to provide for a huge little girl in Texas, to get weight- reduction surgery! Under ACA, she would have been covered!

It used to be where you could go north on Oak Street and catch all the lights, now you can’t. Is it because of design or some other reason? Please help.