Valdosta Daily Times

February 4, 2013

Rant & Raves for Monday, February 4, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Thank you, VDT, for informing the public regarding the pros and cons for VSU's considering NCAA Division I over Division II. Articles are "keepers.” Put that idea to rest, people. Go, Blazers!

I do not understand why the commissioners voted to close the county trash collection center. We were paying for this service. If the county were losing money, they could have charged more. The extra 1 cent that was voted for could have paid some of the cost. The prices that Advance Disposal Trash charges now will increase later on. All the money spent setting up the collection centers is wasted.

I am sorry to see the dumps close. There will now be more dumping on roads and more burning. I pay over $10,000 a year in property taxes and this is the only service that I used. I will vote against every county commissioner in primaries and election until they come back. How much did the new sanitation company contribute to their election fund I wonder?

I've had Deep South Sanitation since the first day Mr. Scarborough introduced himself and his company. They are the best. Lowndes County, let’s keep our economy strong, support your local businessmen and taxpayers, not some big box company who doesn't care about their customers!

A Rave to Lloyd Dumas, VDT circulation manager! I was having problems receiving my daily newspaper and he took care of the problem and then followed up!

All those happy raves on Wednesday give me a headache.

Valdosta High School has a large discrepancy between the high achieving students and the students with disabilities. Is that news? No, that is reality. We all expect that there will be a gap between kids with disabilities and other groups in the high school. No Child Left Behind is a completely misguided notion. 2014 cannot come soon enough!

Senator Heath appropriates less to Georgia Public Broadcasting in 2013. Lovely. Governor Deal then gives his buddy a job at GPB for a salary three times the usual GPB salary. It is no wonder that Georgia is found to be the most corrupt state in the nation.

Has anyone given any thought to all the people who have lost hours at their job so their employer does not have to offer insurance? Great job, Obamacare.

Good luck to the LHS Mock Trial Team and coach Mr. White on their upcoming Regional Competition.