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January 18, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, January 18, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Thanks to all the churches who provide food to those in need. This is a blessing to people who are on a fixed income. If you are among those who truly need food they are there to help you. If you are not, then please let those who need it be blessed by these kind  people.

I have just witnessed the President’s news conference regarding new gun reform. He should be ashamed of himself, using children as part of his propaganda to bolster his nonsense agenda. More concern needs to be placed on the economy and other things that can be fixed.

The current recycling centers accept glass. Advanced Disposal does not. How is this "greener and cleaner," as they advertise?

While I agree with legislation requiring background checks for all gun purchases, and see no reason for a 30-plus round clip, there is a due process and I strongly disagree with Obama's dictator use and abuse of executive powers.

I would like to rave about Christine and Leslie at the Farm Bureau office in Valdosta who are always so helpful and so nice when you walk in the door.

A big rave for Lonnie of Mediacom. Not only was he overly polite, but came in, got the job done and went out of his way to ensure customer satisfaction. Something great is coming your way. Thank you, Lonnie!

Save your tears for the "homeless" lady. She is not and so are most others standing by the road begging. They make more than you in a day.

It should be illegal for anyone to have an electric wheelchair or scooter on the road. I guess they are not in fear of their life or getting injured more than they are now.

Rave to the Times for reporting the lady that shot the intruder to protect herself and her kids. Maybe more will do the same and stop this madness. Protect yourselves and your home.

To the person in the Lincoln Navigator between I-75 and Clyattville on Monday at dusk: You came very close to being hit head on because your headlights weren't on ! If you're not smart enough to turn your lights on when it's dark, foggy or raining you have zero business driving ! I would hate for my family to have to bury me because of your ignorance.

Valdosta planning for future walking and/or bike lanes is very unlikely.  Valdosta does not plan for future traffic. Jerry Jones is proof of this.