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January 17, 2013

Rant & Raves for Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Since when is the concept of banning access to certain types of weapons and magazines the same as ‘banning all guns’? That is the level of response that is unfortunately expected from uneducated tools of Faux News.

I agree, instead of going to the authorities, first check with the owners of horses, we also were reported for not feeding and watering our horses. When the authorities came to check, they found two 1,000-pound bales of hay in the fields and 140 gallons of water. For the owner of the collicking horse, try putting her in a trailer and driving for an hour or so, this helps relieve the colic. Hope she is OK.

Every student and parent who commented, posted, and passed on information about Kendrick Johnson should have to issue a public apology on their social site. Speculation and rumors about drugs, gangs and murder flying through the air and that poor mother could only remember him as her beautiful baby boy.

Well, it's official. American's paid a record price at the pump last year and started 2013 with record high gas prices. The supplies are up, with 2.5 million barrels more than thought, and demand is down. This is a result of the policies of this president running up our debt, thereby devaluing the dollar!

I wonder where all the people ranting about cyclists would have us ride, when we live in a community with so few designated bike lanes or paths. The city should implement a pedestrian and cycling plan into our road infrastructure, especially with the amount of foot and bike traffic around the university.

If you are one of the parents that lobbied so hard for your student to have a cellphone at school: don't be upset now that they used them when the student died at school! Parents are responsible for teaching kids discretion!

To the person who claims they can't see bikes until it's too late, if you can't see a full-grown person on a bike, then there is no way you can see road signs and you either need glasses or to get off the road.  

We just had an election. You were free to vote for the candidate of your choice. How is this now a dictatorship?

After making numerous calls and leaving several messages at the Lowndes and Brooks animal shelters, no one called me back. I finally went to Thomasville to adopt. What is the problem?