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January 3, 2013

Rant & Raves for Thursday, January 3, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I just wanted to take a moment to praise Dr. Mike Chiang and all of his incredible nurses for showing compassion and great love for all their patience, even the difficult ones! After going to the Urological Clinic of Valdosta for a routine procedure, I experienced great anxiety and was beyond nervous. Dr. Chiang and his nurses Ashley, Tammy, Nina, and Angela did everything they could to calm my fears and make the visit as pleasurable as possible. Dr. Chiang and his staff are great at what they do and it truly shows in their style of care!

Christmas is over when December 25th is over so if people want to take their decorations down the day after that's fine. There is a reason for this day and it is mainly because of commercialism this has changed into a month, or longer, celebration.

A huge RAVE for Dr. Roan and his staff. They are very professional and very caring with their patients. I took both my kids there to have their wisdom teeth removed and I am very thankful for service we received!

Every time I read comments online posted towards certain articles, I am just saddened by how insensitive people can be. The comments I just read about Ashley Paulk's retirement are a good example. He is a good man, and he did a great job for our community. I bet those making negative remarks about him have been held accountable by him for something they did wrong. Grow up, people!

Shame on the law enforcement for pulling over taxis and giving out tickets to the passengers in them. At least they're being safe instead of driving!

Hope all VSU students open their eyes, remove all ear buds, turn off the I phones and really look, not only left and right but behind also when crossing streets around campus. Just because there are striped pedestrian crossing marks on the street doesn't mean you can just blithely step into vehicular traffic with no consequences. Take responsibility for your actions. The life you save may very well be your own.

I am a gun owner and do not speak with "relish" about killing bad guys. I even own one of those evil AR rifles. My guns have never been used in a crime, or even pointed at anyone. I, and my guns, are not part of the problem. Blame the criminal for their actions and not the tools. Stop trying to figure out why there is evil in the world and punish those who break the laws, not the law-abiding citizen.