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December 21, 2012

Rant & Raves for Friday, December 21, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — To the person complaining about having to wait 20 minutes for the motorcycle toy drive, unless you have a medical emergency, what is 20 minutes out of your day? You should have  spent that time to reflect how fortunate and how blessed you are  to be able to provide for your family and thankful for others who are willing to give to others unselfishly.

Neither alcohol nor cars were designed for the express purpose of killing. I am sick of the tired “guns don’t kill, people do.” Those people have much too easy access to guns and that’s what they use to kill.

You’d never find me on a motorcycle, but the toy runners are heroes. Quit griping about waiting 20 minutes.

The toy riders are great givers. I cannot believe anyone complained about them. Stay by the mall next year, and you be troubled, Scrooge!

I believe in the right to bear arms but that doesn’t mean the right to have unfettered access to all types of weapons and ammunition and magazines.

As a parent of Echols County Schools, I was very thankful to see Tim Ragan and Tony Hudson in front of the elementary school the week after the Sandy Hook tragedy. It was comforting to me and my family.

I wouldn’t say I loved “Lincoln” but as I did pay attention, I realized that the parties were pretty much opposite back then. I even whispered to my spouse, “I thought it was the Republicans (in my head, thinking ‘the South’ because that’s how it is now, not across the board but generally speaking) that wanted slavery. Only cost me about $30 to learn it. The movies are crazy expensive now!

I would like to send a big rave and a warm Happy Holidays and God bless to Amy Tyler at the Georgia Department of Labor. While it seems most people at the DOL are mechanical, Amy Tyler is a caring and encouraging employee, who understands sometimes bad fortune happens to good people. Each time I have encountered her, she has always been pleasant while being realistic.

To the person that sat at the traffic light for 20 minutes for the motorcycles to go by is pathetic. These kids wait an entire year to get a toy these riders bring to them. What is 20 minutes compared to waiting a year to see a smile on a child’s face? Shame on you!

SGMP brings money into Cook County and a few of the locals are trying to stop the racing. Shame on you!