Valdosta Daily Times

June 28, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, June 28, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I hope the person or persons who stole my grandchildren’s pool on Monday have a heart and bring it back no questions asked. If you choose not to and are using it, think about a 2-year-old saying, “somebody got my pool.” They sacrificed for the kids a pool and cannot afford another one.

I wish I could understand why residents/walkers in New Wood Valley (South Sherwood Drive) refuse to return a wave from a passing car. What are you so mad about?

Don’t stop at Paula. Let’s fire all these stars or wannabes that have used a racial slur. What comes around, goes around.

Why does the City of Valdosta dictate when citizens can water their new grass but the city itself can water their new grass on Eager Road every single day for hours on end? Not to mention wasting plenty of water because they are watering an entire lane of the road as well.

No matter how pretty you are on the outside, when you live wrong, you become ugly to others that know.

For those worried about the eggs in our stores being stored above the cold line of the cooler. In Brazil, I’ve seen eggs not refrigerated at all in many markets.

Many people don’t realize that firefighters and many law-enforcement officers (detectives and the like) give up a lot of time with their families to respond to emergencies and crime scenes. For someone to recognize their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of their families, is appreciated. Holidays and family activities are often cut short to help others.

Democrats are strongly pushing immigration reform (amnesty) to gain millions more voters for the Democratic Party in order to vote Republicans out of existence. However, there will be a sacrifice. A larger Hispanic voting block will replace Black Democrats with Hispanic Democrats in every political race in the country.

Now that summer is here please also remember that when you go to the mall and leave your pet in the car, it can become extremely hot. Leaving each window cracked half an inch is not enough air flow and your pet can suffocate. You are better off to leave your baby at home.

Carrabelle, Fla., is the place to go off-shore fishing. Look up a Miss Jill's Charter. It’s very easy action and easy to book for a guys trip.