Valdosta Daily Times

September 5, 2013

Rants Raves for Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The city can't keep basic sewage services running, yet has a full-time employee who runs around promoting passage of SPLOST, a Metro 17 TV channel that no one watches, grant administrators working to give away non-existent money from the bankrupt federal government, and all recipients of life-time pensions from over-burdened taxpayers. What is it about "cut spending" don't the city managers understand?

Why are stop signs treated like yield signs in Valdosta? I see so many people either barely stopping or not stopping at all. The worst I have seen is in the Blue Pool area. Valdosta has the worst, I mean, the worst drivers I have ever seen.

Thanks to the sewage plant overflow in Valdosta my friend and I were unable to kayak the Withlacoochee River due to contamination! We do this kayak trip every holiday weekend but who wants to paddle in sewage. It might be excusable if it were the first time but it happened before and it was recently! No excuse! This affects everyone along all the rivers! Valdosta you are better than this! Get your act together!

Just as people don't understand city budgets, accounts, what SPLOST can and can't be used for, they don't understand how booster money, monetary gifts and revenue made from sporting events is used. Money made from the boosters or given to them from local businesses or people cannot be used to pay teachers' salaries or keep them from being furloughed anymore.  

Reading the article 'Lowndes County Flood Warning' in Friday's VDT, no follow up article to mention how much raw sewage Valdosta has again dumped into the Withlacoochee River. Our city leaders need to be voted out next year.

FYI, most DOT projects involving Lowndes roads and bridges are planned 10 years out. So the work being done today is utilizing money set aside a long time ago.

For the uninformed citizen complaining about Lowndes County already having a proposed list to spend SPLOST money on before it passes for vote. I say get educated. It’s the law that all cities and the county have to submit a detailed project list for a SPLOST referendum.

I just love the way people ramble on about how SPLOST has failed them. I say grow up and wake up. SPLOST offsets costs to projects that are very necessary to maintain services/safety throughout the county.