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August 19, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Fundraisers already? This is outrageous for schools to have so many and we barely get back to school before they start again.

I totally understand the rough economy on families. What I don’t understand is why parents think there should be all this free lunch and other hand-out business. Have and raise your children responsibly. It is only $15 a week for a child to eat breakfast and lunch at school. Either do that or pack that child a lunch.

To the City of Valdosta: are our firemen receiving proper medical care since the chemical exposure at the Perma-Fix explosion?

The community needs to realize how poorly the SPLOST funds and finances within the city have been handled. The water treatment plant’s deficiencies didn’t just appear; they have been there for some time. The purchase of Five Points is borderline criminal. What city leaders were involved in that deal and who profited? I understand how important SPLOST can be to our community but our city leaders have failed us. Mayor and city council, show me how all the SPLOST monies have been spent and request that management retire.

Valdosta City Schools implemented a new program available to the State of Georgia called the Community Eligibility Option (CEO). That is why all students get a free breakfast and lunch. You can google it and get more information. Maybe Lowndes County schools can apply for it also.

LHS teachers cutback, furloughed, but ONE HALF MILLION dollar scoreboard purchased, and the retired superintendent is still working.

Please let us know how much more sewage is going into the Wiff the Stinky River. It has been raining a lot and we need to know when we can safely fish the river again. Thanks.

I hope people use their brains and not emotions when it comes to voting for SPLOST. We retired to the area in 2006 and have enjoyed seeing the progress and growth that has taken place. In order for this to last, improvements in infrastructure must continue to take place. It appears now the city and county governments have their heads and priorities in the right place with respect to where and how SPLOST funds will be spent. What better way to raise these funds than a sales tax?

I hope the city is preparing for the river to rise again. With the water from up north and all the rain coming, expect the river to rise again so be prepared.