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October 1, 2012

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Choose an MD that listens to what’s concerning or hurting you and not in a hurry to see the patient in the next room. A pill shouldn’t always be the answer. Medical testing is very important to finding the real problem. Patients don’t have the knowledge you have or always know all questions to ask.

If your doctor’s office harasses you about a balance due before you receive your insurance’s EOB, change immediately. This office isn’t about patient care but making the doctor richer to expand his facilities.

Nosy busybodies that pick up a home for sale info sheet after dark should know they are on camera.

A huge rave to my husband. My stepchildren’s mother didn’t want them. My husband and I raised them alone. The dad isn’t always the bad guy.

Lowndes band was just flat rude for playing so loud while Colquitt County was running their offense. They knew they weren’t supposed to. Bad leadership! And I am a Lowndes fan!

I guess Valdosta is going to run off another good coach because he lost a couple of games.

Does your road need resurfaced, drainage systems fixed, potholes repaired, traffic light questions, street light outages, curb painted, help with flood questions? Then call the city engineering department.

You single mothers obviously didn’t read! The comment was about how it has become acceptable in today’s society for girls/women to have children out of wedlock. Yes, there are many single mothers out there, myself included, but I was a married adult when I decided to have a baby.

I just read in the VDT SPLOST article “It’s not a new tax, just a continuation!” A bureaucrat justifies his job by spending, no budget — no job. This is why the citizens of Valdosta need a new soccer field, a new civic auditorium, and all the other goodies you just cannot live without. Prepare for all the “eye candy” as they persuade you to dig in to your pocket book by voting for SPLOST. Their jobs depend on it.

“Bands are not to play during live-ball situations. The referee will always wait for a complaint before issuing a warning.” This is directly from the website rules. As a Viking fan, I would appreciate it if we would teach our young adults to do the right thing to begin with and not have to be warned for violating the rules.