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April 8, 2014

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I don't know of any gun owners who fantasize about being "the good guy with a gun." Just when you think you have heard the most ignorant statement possible, along comes one that tops them all.

I didn't know until last night that country western music is dead. I was looking forward to the awards show but after about 10 minutes I turned it off. What in the world were those people thinking putting on a so-called country show? That was anything but. I even went back to it hoping it had improved but it just seemed to have gotten worse.

In Switzerland in 2010, 40 people were murdered by the use of firearms. 16,259 people were murdered in the same year in the good ole USA, most of which were by firearms. I'd say the Swiss have earned the right to keep military firearms at home. Americans should be de-armed by the UN.

With all the violence and fear that we live with and talk about and read about I wonder why we never hear anything about the most important thing that needs to be done to get our country back to being the best in the world. It starts at home. Parents are in charge of how children turn out. Not anyone else...just us parents. Starting from birth we should guide and teach and yes demand only the best from our little ones. It has to be the parents who get each generation off to a great start. Just think of what a difference that would make! It would be the greatest gift we could give.

Did the Archbishop of Atlanta really not know that he was doing something wrong? As Catholics, we are taught from an early age about the appearance of impropriety. He was simply following the lead of all those who came before him. Sad!

To the person still complaining about drug testing food stamp recipients. Sounds like you receive food stamps and use drugs. Again if you want to use drugs then pay for your own food. Taxpayers should not have to provide you food while you waste your own money on drugs! Paying for drug testing is cheaper than enabling your drug habit!

Raves to the 8th and 9th grade students at Highland Christian Academy on their recent trip to Washington D.C. They were by far the most  well behaved group of kids out of all the thousands we saw up there.

Be nice if GDOT ran a street sweeper down Bemiss once a month. They pickup the trash, but road debris like tire bits have been piling up