Valdosta Daily Times

March 15, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, March 15, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Finally we know the long list of terrible sewage problems ignored by some Valdosta city officials for many years. Shame on those in the City Council who “applauded” ignorance and cynicism. Do not blame “an act of God” for your own outrageous incompetence resulting in poisoning of people and God’s natural creation.

I wonder how long it will be before people start blaming God for all the rain. Yes, the flooding caused a mess, but if people would work together instead of blaming everything the city does or does not do, it is not going to fix the problems. Maybe it’s time to have a community meeting. What has happened, has happened. Put your heads and hearts together to find a solution.

Rave to the people who are raising their voices against the sewage spill. We need to keep up the pressure so the city acts responsibility and this does not happen again!

To the ranter discussing guns on campus. The best way to keep gun violence off campus is to keep gun-toting, uneducated rednecks like yourself off them. I’d rather be a smart, educated liberal than a dumb redneck any day. Liberalism is based on ideas of openness and tolerance and conservatism on ideas of fear of change.

Well instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the useless park next to the employment office, you should have put that money to some actual good use. Unless you are using that fountain for quality water supply?

Raves for the Holiday Inn on West Hill Avenue! Our retired teachers group meets there every second Monday, and the staff treats us so well.

Some of us want and deserve to know why our elected officials in this state are so quick to vote to blanket everywhere with concealed weapons. Respectfully asked, if this will solve the gun violence problems, isn’t it incumbent upon us to inquire “how” and be given straight talk back?

Voting down SPLOST was still the right thing. That money would have gone toward pre-designated pet projects, and not one penny of it would or could have been spent on the treatment plant. It is called “Special Purpose” Local Option Sales Tax for a reason.

A citizen does not have the authority to tell someone to turn down their music. Your best bet is to call the non-emergency number for your local police department. Thank you for not calling 911 for such a situation.