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June 9, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, June 10, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I live in Brooks County. A while back, a limb fell at the edge of my yard. I called the road department asking to remove it. I was told they could not help because it was on private property. Later driving down Johnson Short Road, I saw the road department removing limbs from a yard. I have found out the limbs were on private property.

If we work together, we can get a handle on this mosquito problem before all those ranters start complaining about mosquitoes. There are 115,000 of us in Lowndes County. On Friday night, everyone needs to go outside and swat 10 of those nasty little things! We will have eliminated well over a million mosquitos in one night! Don’t be sending in comments if you don’t participate.

If you found my black wallet in a cart outside at the Publix on Perimeter Road, please return the contents. While I really would like my hard-earned money to be returned, if you need it that much, keep the money. But please, return my prayer card, the card from Father John’s memorial, and my pictures. I’ve canceled my debit and credit cards — but those other things can't be replaced.

A donation of $10 was not mandatory, merely suggested, to help these folks out, whose home and automobile were lost in a fire. There was an excellent band playing that night, who were kind enough to donate their time and talent. Yes, maybe you should have gone somewhere else, tightwad.

Why does the county want to monopolize the sanitation detail? Obviously one company cannot handle the business efficiently. Furthermore, do you want to be forced to use services from one company? Or forced to shop at one store? What are the commissioners thinking?

I see nothing wrong with cheering on your child when they are awarded. I would advise proud parents to cuff their mouths and face the sky before cheering to prevent yelling in the ears of the ones that sit in front of you. This is Georgia and we are Southern and proud. I don’t hear all this smack talk about cheering when it comes to football games.

Thanks to the Code Red Lowndes County EMS for warning us of the tropical storm headed our way. It developed quickly and I wasn’t aware, as I had not watched the weather Wednesday evening. Oh, wait. That's right; I didn't get a call. But when there’s a thunderstorm somewhere within a 60-mile radius, I get a dozen calls, but how about when a tropical storm is headed our way?