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October 22, 2012

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

--- — Thank you to all the Sallas Mahone faculty and staff who went on the “Bus Tour.” My son was so excited to receive the books! It is so nice for these individuals to take the time away from their own families and have a vested interest in my child’s education. Thank you, Sallas Mahone!

Congrats to the Cook Middle School softball team for finishing second in the conference tournament even without their undefeated eighth graders, and for beating one of the teams that wouldn’t agree to moving the tournament on their way to doing so.

Maybe you should be nicer to your smart meter instead of mean. My smart meter has given me two good stock picks, a winning pick 3 lottery number, and predicted the first presidential debate. It’s all in your attitude.

Can people not see the bias against Ann Romney on “The View.” They drilled her like she was running for the office. But, of course, the Obamas got the soft touch. And look at the “binder” issue. They don’t have a record to run on so they resort to these ridiculous ideas. This administration has run the most negative and hateful campaign. But it’s Chicago-style politics, down and dirty.

The Bridgemen go overboard because they can’t help it. Four-hundred kids make a lot of noise. Lots more noise than the normal 100-piece band. And the coach does what he needs to get his boys fired up. And when the band gets told to stop playing, that’s exactly what happens. It’s been this way for years and now suddenly it’s a problem. Get over it. Never heard people complain about such petty things.

To the ranter that said there are more important things in life than luck or skill at a football game! Get a life! That is so true and it sounds like you need one, too.

Spoiled, screaming kids should be taken out of an establishment, immediately! They should be shown they cannot get their way by temper tantrums. I hate to see what kind of teens that are here in a few years.

Teachers have enough to do after school without touring neighborhoods. It is wasteful of gas and time. Parents can go to school meetings to meet the teachers.

All parents do now is tell kids not to do that again, if even that. They spend a few hours each day with their children and let them have their precious way.

To the person who lost your license at Walmart, I turned it in to the CSM.