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October 21, 2012

Rant & Rave for Monday, Oct. 22, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Am I allowed the call the police on a pregnant woman who lives on my street who I constantly see outside of her house smoking?

Here is the rule on bands playing during a football game and it is very clear: Bands are not to play during live-ball situations. (a) If, during a football game, a team claims interference with communications due to band noise, the Referee shall give a warning to one of both head coaches and the bands must cease playing. (b) If there is a second offense by the same school's band, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will be imposed against the school's team.

President Obama did not inherit the mess. He asked for it, campaigned for it, spent millions to acquire it and promised to change it.

Actually, not all the people who sent in comments about public vs. private school did so tearing down public schools. However, the original poster called such folks traitors. I take exception to that. I chose, at much personal sacrifice, to pay for my children to attend St. John so they can get the Christian environment I want.

Coaches make me cry when they send a child home with tears in their eyes because they did not get to play at all. Your job is to build confidence and self esteem in these children. Children are left on the sidelines when they are every bit as good as the ones playing. Come on coach, be fair.

It is extraordinarily rude to pull up in front of a house at 4 a.m. and blow your horn for whomever you are waiting for. It wakes up neighbors and their children. Are you so lazy you can't walk to the door and knock?

The original library and auditorium were built without SPLOST funds. Why can't local officials figure out how to do that again? I guess it's easier to ask us to vote ourselves a tax than for the politicians to look for creative solutions.

To add additional comments to the ranter about the new main gate at Moody on Davison Road. That is an unsafe intersection. As busy as that intersection is, the signs are confusing, there are no railroad arms, and no turn arrows. I do not know whose jurisdiction that intersection is in, but it was poorly planned.

I'm a teacher who went on the bus visit. We did it to interact with the community. We always ask parents to be involved. All the parents and grandparents were very thankful for the books and visit. The children we visited loved it and told all their friends the next morning. It's my neighborhood too.