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October 18, 2012

Rant and Raves for Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The upcoming local elections are so important not only nationally but locally. The SPLOST VII directly affects how our community moves forward. As important as SPLOST is, I don’t understand why only a few projects, mainly the Five Points project, are constantly given as reasons to vote “Yes” for SPLOST VII. These projects are greatly needed. I want to know what the other millions of dollars are being spent on. If you want me to vote “yes” I demand to know where all the other money goes.

VHS and LHS played well at the Winnersville game Friday night. It was a good game and LHS came out to be the winners but it was extremely rude for the LHS cheerleaders to tear down the VHS cheerleaders’ sign.

Driving 101: Southbound on Bemiss, when making a left turn onto Davidson Road (Moody main gate) the stop sign is not for a northbound right turn lane to give you the right of way, it's for the railroad tracks, so please stop. Solid white lines mean do not cross, so northbound traffic stop and proceed.

Voting precincts should be in areas where people feel safe.

People make me laugh. Complaining about the Bridgemen playing during live ball. All other bands do it; they just get away with it because they are the size of one instrument section in Lowndes band. The band is essential in getting the players and fans fired up. If not, why did the band get blamed in ‘96 and ‘98 for the team losing while they were way out of state for Thanksgiving? The band knows what they're doing. They get quieted and then what happens? The noise becomes deafening.

I don't need other parents judging me and how I raise my child. When my child grows up, he will be a productive member of society, who doesn't believe everything should be handed to him on a platter. And it starts now, teaching how to persevere and not quit something because he "doesn't feel like it" anymore.

Teachers taking bus tours around student neighborhoods make us parents assume they are judging our children by their homes. This is unnecessary, a waste of time and expensive gas.

Huge rave for Coach Gillespie. You have class and heart. What a great example you are to the students. You are a true Wildcat!

To the driver of the Cadillac going east on Hwy. 122 in Hahira Tuesday morning, the one with the EDUCATOR plates who passed a car and school bus then narrowly avoided oncoming traffic: Great lesson!