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January 9, 2014

Rant & Rave for Friday, Jan. 10, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Allowing dogs on a walking track for humans is not good. Many people hate dogs as much as dogs hate passing cars, that they chase after. Instead, use any of the many large vacant parking lots, like a church parking lot (ask). Or walk the dog on Bemiss Road sidewalks going to Moody that are not so near passing cars. Stop at the dog park at Freedom Park.

People on welfare shouldn't have nice things. Doesn't matter who purchased it for you. If they cared that much they would pay your rent or buy you some food. Currently, there is no incentive for them to work hard to get off welfare and welfare has become a way of life instead of a means to an end.

As a Christian I strive not to offend or resort to immature name calling exhibited recently by columnist Leonard Pitts. He is clearly bedeviled by thinly veiled hatred against people who can accept yet not endorse his views, while remaining confidently independent in their own thinking and beliefs.

On Jan. 8 my husband and I went to eat lunch at Marcos Pizza. When we went to pay we were told our bill was taken care of. We would like to thank the couple that paid our bill. It was such a sweet thing to do.

But the Tea Party does believe that their way is the only way. That’s why they shut down the federal government despite being in the minority.


To people trying to rent/sell their home — maybe if you would mow the yard and make it look nice, you’d have a better chance. Just a thought.

WSB out of Atlanta was dropped by Mediacom to save you money. Valdosta is in the Tallahassee market and therefore those stations (like WTXL) have exclusive rights to allow/deny other like stations to be provided (like WSB). The same programming, minus Atlanta news, can be found on WTXL. By the way, DirecTV will also give you WTXL.

To the man in Walmart who took my 18 year old son’s picture, I pray to God  you don’t use his photo to pick up women off the Internet and pretend to be him. I wonder why you took his picture without you asking him?  Please don’t use his picture.

A big rave to Chancy Drugs in Lake Park for helping me find my prescription which was lost.

I did  switch from Mediacom to  DirectTV, pay half amount the money and  double the channels. I am retired and can’t afford them jumping up the price $20 in 2 years. For half the price you get more channels. I switched and glad I did.