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May 23, 2013

Rants & Raves for Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — If enough parents say no to the Hawaii trip, maybe they will consider their "back up plan" trip. Apparently this trip has been voted against in the past. Exactly who is wanting a paid trip to Hawaii?

Alright Sister's Pizza, how am I supposed to cheat on my diet if you stay closed! The other pizza places are too far from downtown for my lunch hour and are a bit too greasy.

Readers, please do not assume you know about the person writing the concerns about the Bridgemens' trip to Hawaii. I am a band parent, have held football season tickets for many years; and yes, even chaperoned band trips. I attended the meeting and still do not see the need in traveling all the way to Hawaii. I would rather see them take a trip that would be more available to all band students.

Things like gun control, DUI limits, Obamacare and abortion are already on every ballot we cast. It's all about knowing the candidates, their values and what they believe in. If their values match yours and they are honorable people, they will always vote to your liking. If not, send 'em packing!

It pays to be a relative of the Lowndes County Schools Superintendent or board members. It pays in the form of a job. The heck with employees who have shown their loyalty and waited for their chance. Loyalty doesn't pay — family does!

I know the county is low on money, but 18-inch high grass on Howell Road? Come on, nobody can change a tire or fix a car in that high grass. Heaven help you if you get one tire off the pavement, it's ditchville! Take a little out of those high salaries and pensions and mow the grass!

If the federal government would have been caught targeting and blocking blacks that applied for welfare, blacks would rightfully protest in every city. Oddly, a black could not be found in the video of the protest in front of the IRS in Cincinnati (45 percent black). Giving government the courage to target and block blacks from welfare, until caught. All races unite against the IRS targeting.

Help save Deep South Sanitation by showing up at the hearing and by calling your County Commissioner. Remind your County Commissioner that they created this quagmire with trash collection and that you do vote. Lowndes citizens deserve a choice.

Brooks County has a great building inspector, Mr. Billy Ingram. He is professional, courteous, and  dependable on the job.