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April 14, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, April 15, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — The new vehicle tax inquired about is called TAVT. It takes the place of the annual “birthday” tax and catches vehicles previously sold untaxed. I, personally, like it. It's currently 6.5 percent of value, but will increase. Go to and learn more about it.

I will vote yes on SPLOST only AFTER all our Small Town Minded, Boss Hogg type leaders and all the foxes they have hired to watch the various Chicken Coops are GONE.


To sum it up briefly for you, the tag fees, chamber of commerce, councilmen, etc. are all just a part of how much more can they drain our pocketbooks.

You are no better than anyone else just because you have more money. It certainly hasn't made you a better person or have a warm heart.

I thought women were nosy but there are a lot of local men that are catching up to them. Gossiping is a sin.

When will the Chamber of Commerce learn its lesson about getting into things that have nothing to do with them? When they lose most of their membership, I suppose.

To the Sunset Hill Cemetery Supervisor, you got the nerve to tell someone about their family plot, saying they’re not allowed back in the cemetery, if it’s a disinterment involved.

Let me first say my heart goes out to the parents of Kendrick Johnson. God bless you! As I read the VDT article, it occurred to me there has been no mention of video imaging at LHS. With all the video surveillance available in schools, there should be something to support the original accidental death stance. I know every corner of the school may not be covered but large areas like hallways, doors, and gyms usually are recorded. I have no doubt that the authorities know who came and went from the area of the school where this occurred. I can see why people still have questions.

When will people grow up? Stop with the racist comments. What happened years ago is over and it's done with. I am truly sorry for all of the horrible things that happened, but to move forward we must let go of the past. God made each and everyone of us. No race is better than the next. We all bleed red. God Bless the USA!

To the ranter complaining about the Tifton soccer girls, the better question is where were the parents? The coaches and teachers can only control them so much. Learning begins at home, both academically and morally.