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November 13, 2012

Rant & Raves for Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The Affordable Healthcare Act does not equal lower prices on medical services for all. It allows for limiting healthcare services and resources to decrease cost and spending. Quality and Quantity of healthcare services will be decreased with the Affordable Healthcare Act.

In 2004, Bush's 35 electoral vote win was a "clear mandate." Now Obama wins by 97 electoral votes and we're told it's not a mandate.

Since SPLOST was voted down, I fully expect the government to control its spending. Do NOT raise my property taxes to pay for your pet projects. I voted for SPLOST. It would have had everyone paying instead of just homeowners.

I live in a modest home and follow a budget to make ends meet. There are Pastors in this town who live in luxurious homes and drive expensive cars. The money we tithe should go to the poor and needy and not support an extravagant lifestyle.

For all the tightwads who eat at local restaurants: grow up and order off of the adult menu! And if you feel you MUST order off of the kid's menu, don't expect your server to wear her/himself out running back and forth for all of your special request condiments, extra bread service so that you will actually fill up on your child sized meal, and adult to-go cups for your included free drink... your server realizes that you are cheap and they remember you.

If the election had turned out the other way, would there still be so much moaning and groaning? Next time, put up a candidate that is believable. No puppet of Trump, Newt, McCain, or Rush, can get elected!

The rich rule again. In all of my 41 years I have never been ashamed to be a woman until this election. It is shameful for a woman to choose “rights” over fiscal responsibility!

Please don’t talk so much about the church! What about that family that lost their job that needed to pay their electric bill, or needed groceries? There are many to serve here! That means growth, bigger buildings.

  For all you people worried abut SPLOST being turned down, I am sure they will welcome donations. I am sure they will be accepted.

Who doesn’t believe that Bush didn’t purposely set the tax cut to end in 10 years, in someone else’s term, so he would never have to deal

with it?