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November 5, 2012

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Nowadays, holidays (like Halloween and Christmas) are all about how much you can get instead of looking at the meaning of the holiday. How much candy can I get in one night? How many presents can I get in the morning? People everywhere have lost the true meaning of these holidays. It's so sad.

SPLOST projects can be found on the City of Valdosta's website under the Engineering Department. I'm voting YES because I love the city I live in and have no intentions of moving, so why not see more improvements for the years to come and for my future generations?

If you miss going to Shorty's Steakhouse you should try The Lighthouse Grill in Ray City. Their food and service is wonderful.

A big rave to the family in KingsGate subdivision. You put on a Great Haunted yard. Scared a lot of kids I am sure. However, the zombies in the road were dangerous. Looking forward to next Halloween!!!

People, if you are going to be playing loud music in your house all night, at least have the decency to close your windows.

Can someone explain why Berrien County with only 20-something football players needs nine coaches plus other personnel on the sidelines every Friday night? Couldn't that money be put to better use?

Speaking of trash collection, our trashmen took one of our pumpkins and left it on the ground. Three weeks ago, they smashed the lid on the can and cracked it. Two weeks ago, they broke it off the hinge and took it with them.

With all going on with the East Coast and storm victims, I don't see why the election is not delayed. You have the victims, workers, volunteers, and many other people who the last thing on their minds are the elections. This says to me that either candidate could care less about your vote in reality. I say there's room there for a recount later.

I live in Foxborough, and every year I am shocked and disappointed by the number of rude trick-or-treaters and their inconsiderate parents. You drive over grass, park in the middle of the road, send your young kids around unsupervised, and leave tons of trash in my neighborhood. Meanwhile, you get to go back to your own house and not worry about the cleanup. How about staying around your own house next year?