Valdosta Daily Times

June 7, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, June 7, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Had a great time at the Wild Adventures Splash Island water park over the weekend. The lifeguards were doing a great job looking out for everyone, but ended up having to spend a lot of time watching one particular unsupervised child who appeared to be no older than 4 years old. It’s scary to think of what could have happened to that child due to his parents not adequately supervising him.

Please don’t go to any animal circuses. Trainers abuse the animals. Mistreatment has been caught on film, recorded by the USDA and admitted by ex-trainers in court. Feeling bad for the animals and going to the festivities anyway, will not help them at all.  

Small businesses have no chance of success in Valdosta due to the extremely high rental rates of buildings. It is sad to see that the “fat cats” that have so much money can’t seem to get enough. Land in Lowndes County is outrageous and it’s all because of greed.

To the speedster on Bemiss, speed limits are put in place based on traffic studies and are there for a reason. Also, the person in the left lane probably is there planning to make a left turn. Slower traffic keep right is a law that applies to limited access to freeways.

Graduation yelling just shows how some people have no class.

Comparing cable and trash bills is not fair. You can pick your television or satellite company but you can’t pick your trash company! And if your TV bill is too high, you can get rid of it.

If your TV bill is too high, find another company. If your trash bill is too high, well, sorry.

I just want to take a minute of my day to say thank you and God bless you to all of our men and women in Valdosta that put their safety and lives on the line to keep us safe! All firefighters and police officers, may you be safe in everything you do!

This is directed to the clueless lady in the silver-blue mini van that was in such a hurry to get to the bank on Baytree Tuesday afternoon. The lane you were in was not a turn lane! It was the left-hand lane of traffic. You could have killed us both if I had not slammed on brakes and averted the head-on crash.

Do people in Valdosta not understand that when you lag behind at a green light there are people behind you that will not make the green light due to your inconsideration?