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November 18, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

---- — The Affordable Care Act, including its mandate to buy insurance, was conceived by the conservative Heritage Foundation as a Republican alternative to HillaryCare, part of Bob Dole’s presidential platform, and it was implemented by then-Gov. Romney in Massachusetts. Only when Obama and Democrats picked up the proposal as their own did Republicans begin to demonize their own plan as socialism.

It’s not that we hate Fox News and don’t want to watch it, it’s that people watch it and take everything as fact and make their decisions by these “facts.” Some of us would like more educated people around us instead of sheeples.

To Tuesday’s ranter about the stadium and Valdosta being stuck in the 1920s. There’s a difference between “historic” and ignorant/naive. I’ve traveled all across the country and seen truly historic cities. Trust me, Valdosta isn’t one of them. And don’t worry, I will leave once I get my degree. Just like the majority of other VSU grads.

The person everyone should be blaming for the Obamacare fiasco should be Chief Justice John Roberts, not President Obama. Don’t forget, Roberts is the one   whose vote swung the court in favor of Obama’s law.

You can’t blame a football team for a victory just because the referee made a bad call against your team.

If you are going to serve food, you need a food permit. That includes churches! I do not care if it is Halloween or not!

Please don’t be rude and blatantly prevent someone from changing lanes when it is clear they are trying to do so. I drove down North Valdosta with my blinker on for a mile while cars just continued to speed up and not let me over. Manners should not be limited to face-to-face encounters only.

I guess it was wishful thinking that Atlanta Public Broadcasting would televise a first-round playoff game with one of our area schools playing up there.

It’s true that the family near Madison will be installing the light show this year. I stopped in Thursday and they are almost finished with the install. This family brings a lot of cheer to many kids and adults. Thanks again as I spend many nights watching it.

Thanks to Rant and Rave section for posting on the Christmas light show near Madison. Last year was my first year seeing this show in person. I will be back this year to see what this family has put together.